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Moniat (MAT) is an ERC20 with smart contracts based on on the Ethereum blockchain. Moniat is a Crypto token that reside on blockchains and represent a utility. Moniat is used as in-dApp or in-app purchase method, and Moniat is the main crypto payment method to be used in Flashat Blockchain based social media platform.

Press releases

Moniat leads cryptocurrency revolution to continue climbing

Moniat is a special form of crypto currency tokens that resides on ETH blockchain and represent a utility and store of value. Moniat, or MAT, is... read more

23.01.2019 • By Moniat OÜ

Moniat is not considering traditional ICO but BAN

Moniat Cryptocurrency or ERC20 Token is fully funded by the initiating investors which are consortium of reputable investment and technology... read more

21.01.2019 • By Moniat OÜ

The Passport Blockchain is the future of Travel

The.Passport is a blockchain decentralized individuals identities network which would operate independently without any centralization of any... read more

21.01.2019 • By Moniat OÜ

Moniat price goes up to 12¢ in January 2019

Moniat (MAT) is a cryptocurrency, an alternative, digital currency that serves as both a digital asset and a medium of payment. It uses strong... read more

01.01.2019 • By Moniat OÜ

Moniat Cryptocurrency is developing its independent Blockchain

Moniat (MAT) is a cryptocurrency, an alternative, digital currency that serves as both a digital asset and a medium of payment. It uses strong... read more

31.12.2018 • By Moniat OÜ

تحقيق الأرباح من عملة مونيات يعتمد على سلسلة الربط وليس التداول

سويسرا - تقرير - ترجمة تعمل العملات المشفرة وخاصة عملة مونيات بنظام اجماع المتعاملين بطريقة آلية غير مباشرة تعتمد على التفاعل في شبكات مشفرة... read more

26.12.2018 • By Moniat OÜ

عملة مونيات تصحح الانحراف في ثورة العملات المعماة

تقرير - ترجمة غيرت عملة مونيات المعماة مفهوم تخصيص العملات المعماة و بيعها للمستثمرين من خلال التمرد على الأسلوب التقليدي في طرحها والذي اتبع... read more

25.12.2018 • By Moniat OÜ

Moniat crypto coin is presented in 11 languages

The number of Moniat Crypto ERC20 Token traders is increasing per hour, and the philosophy of generating extra Moniat tokens by efforts not... read more

24.12.2018 • By Moniat OÜ

تحليل و نظرة مستقبلية لعملة مونيات وغيرها من العملات المعماة

مما لاشك فيه ان جميع أرصدة الأفراد و الشركات المودعة في المصارف التقليدية لا يحتفظ بها في خزائن تلك المصارف و إنما تبقى مجرد رصيد رقمي ينعكس في... read more

23.12.2018 • By Moniat OÜ

Moniat investors will be able to convert the generated profit to ETH...

Moniat is a cryptocurrency created as an ERC20 utility token. Moniat is based on a decentralised P2P network and was developed on Ethereum as an... read more

21.12.2018 • By Moniat OÜ

What Makes Moniat a Special Digital Currency ?

Moniat or MAT is a form of cryptocurrency, also known as an altcoin, an ERC20 token, digital money, or a utility token. These are blockchain-based... read more

20.12.2018 • By Moniat OÜ

Moniat cryptocurrency imposes tight blockchain security mechanism

It has been confirmed that the Moniat cryptocurrency or ERC20 Utility Token runs under a very secure smart contract. Hacken OÜ, an external... read more

19.12.2018 • By Moniat OÜ

Moniat Cryptocurrency is the only payment method for Flashat Social...

People are about to be presented with a fun and accessible way to engage in the popular crypto world. Flashat is a blockchain-based social media... read more

18.12.2018 • By Moniat OÜ

Moniat and other Cryptocurrencies are the Future of Money

History has taught us that it is often the case with any new disruptive innovation, from satellites to the Internet, from social media to digital... read more

17.12.2018 • By Moniat OÜ